Thursday, January 25, 2018

My sharing resolution

With the click of a button my ideas and knowledge can potentially reach millions of people.  But I haven't been clicking that button nearly enough.

If I do research, develop a lesson plan, learn a hard lesson in the classroom or put thought into a question, that gives me some amount of value.  It enhances my life and the lives of those around me a little bit.  But if I share my experiences and my learning with an online community, that value gains a multiplier.  A small amount of value multiplied by the number of people who read it and find it useful.  If some small fraction of those people develop the idea further and then share their new version, we've got a little exponential growth.  Iterated over many thoughts and experiences this can be incredibly impactful.

So day by day I'm building a habit of sharing.  This is day two.  I may be a lonely math teacher (great post from Dan Meyer) at the moment, but I'm on my way to connecting.


  1. Great vibe here. I'd also add as an incentive: writing makes you smarter. Even without sharing it with anybody, it acts a multiplier on your own thinking. Looking forward to seeing you online.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! You've been my teacher-hero since way back when I saw your TED talk with the water tank 3-act :)

    2. And I absolutely agree that writing makes you smarter and that that is a huge reason to do more of it. Hooray for a growth mindset!