Saturday, July 15, 2017

I found my people

Yesterday I woke up early like a kid at Christmas, excited for the Leap of Faith mystery activity.  Today I woke up even earlier literally sobbing tears of joy.  I found my people.

It's been two days at my first World Domination Summit, and I am completely blown away.  When I look at you amazing people I see in you a reflection of myself - and I have never felt so beautiful.

Here is what I see:

We're inclined to say "yes" to opportunities, invitations, and possibilities. So we end up with diverse spheres of interest, passion, and accomplishment.

We want to collaboratively solve problems of all shapes and sizes.  Problems with society, personal problems, intellectual problems. You name it. We want to discuss and trade information and advice as much as possible.

We just can't get enough challenges!  This was especially radiant as I joined a bunch of you swinging on ropes, navigating wobbly bridges thirty feet in the air and falling off tress.  What?  It's hard? Really hard? Count me in!, we say.

We are courageous.  Uncertainty and fear seem to rarely get in the way for us, even when most intense.  In fact, I suspect that we often thrive off those feelings.

There are those tears again.  I feel I won't ever be lonely again.

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